College Gatealli (Paramathma) Piano Notes

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Song : College Gatealli
Movie : Paramathma (2011)
Singer : Harikrishna
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3
Classical Sargam Notes :
Guitar / Piano Chords :
Staff Sheet :

Collegegatealli Fail Aagi Bandavara Kaapaado
F+D#+F+D#+D+C+ C+C+C+C+C+..G+
BbG#BbG# C+C+C+
Markscardinalli Sonne
D+D+D+D+D+ D+D+
Roundaagi Kaanuvudu
F+D#+F+D+C+ C+C+
En Maadli
BbC+ C+C+C+

Olagobbaobba Obba Obba Paramaathma
C+C+ BbC+C+ BbC+C+ BbC+C+ BbC+C+C+
Usiraaduaadu Aadu Aadu Antaane
C+C+ BbC+C+ BbC+C+ BbC+C+ BbC+C+
Nammappaappa Appa Appa Punyaatma
C+C+ BbC+C+ BbC+C+ BbC+C+ BbC+C+
Paasaagu Aagu Aagu Antaane

Failaagadoru Unte Chombeshwara
Paas Aagi En Maadli Onde Sala

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