Maay Bhavani Piano Notes Tanhaji

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Maay Bhavani Piano Notes Tanhaji Available On Piano Mint. Maay Bhavani Easy Piano Notes For Beginners. Maay Bhavani Easy Letters Notes For Beginners.

Song : Maay Bhavani
Movie : Tanhaji (2019)
Singer : Sukhwinder Singh, Shreya Ghoshal
Western Notes :,,
Classical Sargam Notes :
Guitar / Piano Chords :
Staff Sheet :

Sa-Ra-Ra Holika Jale
BbBbBbBb D+C+D+ F+D#+D+C+Bb
Shatru Raakh Mein Mile
BbBb D+C+D+ F+D#+D+C+Bb
Humne Jab Jab Samshire
BbBbBb C+D+D#+D+ C+BbBbBb
Tani Hai Maay Bhavani
C+C+Bb GBbC+BbBb

Sa-Na-N Aandhiya Uthe
BbBbBbBb D+C+D+ F+D#+D+C+Bb
Shatru Jad Se Mite
BbBb D+C+D+ F+D#+D+C+Bb
Humne Baat Yahi Mann Mein
BbBbBb C+D+D#+D+ C+BbBbBb
Thani Hai Maa Ae Bhavani
C+C+Bb GBbC+BbBb

Hum Sab Mard Maavade
F+F+F+F+ F+D#+D+C+D+
Bade Khudar Hain
Ab Har Ek Din Svaraaj Ka
F+F+F+F+ F+D#+D+C+
Tayohaar Hain

Ab Ye Shish Na Jhuke
Teri Laaj Hum Rkhe
Tere Charno Ki Shapath
Maa Jagdambe Hai Maa Ae Bhavani

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