Parinda (Jab Harry met Sejal) Piano Notes

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Song : Parinda
Movie : Jab Harry met Sejal (2017)
Singer : Pardeep Sran
Western Notes :,
Classical Sargam Notes:
Guitar / Piano Chords :

Ikk pardesi oh yaar banaya
F+D+D+C+, F+F+D+D+C+
Main usnu dil de takht bithaya
G#+G+G#+G+G#+.. G+F+F+F+
O seene de naal usnu laaya
F+D+D+C+, F+F+D+D+C+
O apne dil da haal sunaya…
G#+G+G#+G+G#+.. G+F+F+F+O maar udaari kite nikal gaya
C+ AC+C+ C+D+D+D+ D+D+D+D+F+
Maar udaari kite nikal gaya
AC+C+ C+D+D+D+ D+D+D+D+F+
Kade bigad gaya
Kade machal gaya
Kade nikal gaya ni hun taan
D+D+D+F+F+F+D+C+C+Dhoondhan nain bichare
Ni aaj parinda maahi (x2)
G+G+G#+G+F+ F+F+

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