High Waist Jeans (Bilal Saeed) Piano Notes

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Song : High Waist Jeans
Singer : Bilal Saeed
Western Notes : Website 1, Website 2, Website 3
Classical Sargam Notes : www.sargambook.com
Guitar / Piano Chords : https://guitar.pianodaddy.com
Staff Sheet : https://sheetmusic.pianodaddy.com

Kudiye chup karke na kolon langh ni
C+D+D+E+ E+E+ E+E+E+D+ C+BC+D+D+
High waist teri jeans aa sanu kare tang ni (x2)
C+D+D+E+ E+E+ E+E+E+D+ C+BC+D+D+

Ni gallan goriyan te utte kaale shades
Sadde dil utte chalde ne blades
C+D+ D+D+D+D+ D+D+C+D+ D+E+
Vichon desi te utton angrej
Langhe gaddi tu chala ke jadon tez
C+D+ D+D+D+D+ D+D+C+D+ D+E+

Ni tere pichhe hoye parche, hoye kharche
C+D+E+E+G+ E+D+D+E+E+, E+D+D+E+E+
Assi tere utte mar gaye
D+D+D+D+D+ C+D+D+
Ni saanu na tu lareyan te la, gall nu muka
C+D+E+E+G+ E+D+D+E+E+, E+D+D+E+E+
Kar laange jivein ni tu keh
D+D+D+D+D+ C+D+D+

Laake akhiyan da nasha saanu
Na kar no no no
Leke jaana tainu naal apne main baby girl
Lets go go go (x2)

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